There's a sense of desperation in the air in Central Texas it seems.

It seems there's some type of shooting almost everyday in Killeen, and now Hewitt is a little less safe.

KWTX is reporting that an out-of-state visitor will be leaving Texas with a bad taste in her mouth, and with one less purse.

A white car was trolling the Hewitt Walmart Tuesday night. It landed on a lady who was loading her groceries in the car. That's when the white car stopped and woman jumped out and grabbed the victims purse from the cart. A struggle ensued with the robber winning and escaping to I-35.

Hewitt Police Chief Jim Devlin said it was a case of "wrong-place-wrong-time". Also...“They were going to do this to somebody in that parking lot, I don’t think there’s a particular motive as to why they picked this individual, I think it was just the opportunity.”

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