What's the plan, Stan? You have to have a plan son. Otherwise you could hurt yourself.

We all like to make fun of Yankees. They think that people from the South are stupid. Well, some of us are a little dim on occasion, but really, we ain't no dynamite dumb.

Unless their idea of a Yankee Candle differs from ours.

What's your plan when the power goes out? Where are your flashlights? Do you have any candles? If so, do you have matches or a lighter? Personally, I have a flashlight under the bathroom sink and one on the kitchen counter. Now that's planning.

A woman in Connecticut thought she lite a candle when the power went out, but in reality  she struck a match to a stick of dynamite. Yep, TNT. Now she can't count because she blew her finger off her hand.

It seems that the previous owner of the home left what the family thought was a box of candles, but what was really a box of dynamite, in the basement. The victim ended up lighting up a quarter stick of TNT and suffering serious injuries to her face and lost multiple fingers.

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