The investigation continues, but Robinson Police have identified woman who was found deceased in a running car.

KWTX is reporting that foul play is not suspected with the death of Patricia Lynn Vandehey, of Robinson, Texas.

She was found dead in a running car Wednesday afternoon. According to a press release from Robinson Police, they responded to reports of vehicle off the roadway at the 8400 block of Robinson Industrial Park close to 1 p.m. The vehicle's engine was still running when they arrived. The female victim was in the driver's seat with her foot on the accelerator.

Police forced their way into the vehicle and found her dead. Initial indications point to the woman dying of natural causes.

For as much time as we all spend in our cars and trucks, it's surprising we don't see more of this. Luckily, when her time to be called home came, no one else was injured by the vehicle.

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