Okay, I have seen it all now.

Watch the video and you will see something you don't get to view often. This woman goes nuts in Pizza Hut near Fort Hood in front of God and everybody (including children) with her foul mouth, then starts throwing food all over the place.

It happened at the PIzza Hut located at 4803 Trimmier Road in Killeen on Wednesday. The woman reportedly brought a pizza back to the counter because it wasn't what she ordered. The pizza was replaced free of charge. Happy ending, right?


The woman returned the next day and demanded that she again be given a free replacement pie. When the staff said no, she went ballistic.

Apparently forgetting we live in 2017, where everyone has a camera connected to the internet and millions of users, this woman waves the food in the air like she just don't care.

Who does this? Seriously. Chemical imbalance? Could be!

We have to wonder if she's related to this girl...

Or this one...

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