One toke over the head and bang! It's an ugly Christmas Sweater for Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson will be at the Bell County Expo Center on March 11th at 8 pm. Odds are he will not be wearing this lovely gift he received from Snoop Dog.

Lord knows, we've all gotten the Christmas sweater at one time or another. You throw it on over a t-shirt, snap a photo to show the person who bought it for you, then toss that sucker into the back of the closet. Part of you wishing you'll die before next Christmas so you won't have to wear it again. Tell me these folks are not feeling that way.

New Year's Eve Christmas Edition #uglychristmassweater #santaselves #newyear #2016

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The thing is, I'm guessing Willie will wear his a lot. Just a guess on my part.

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