Something stinks in Texas, and it ain't the bathrooms at Buc-ee's.

That's because Buc-ee's staked its claim to fame with spotless restrooms. I don't know about you, but a spot-free, shiny porcelain throne in a snug, private stall is the first image that comes to mind when someone mentions the place.

However, Buc-ee's apparently doesn't have squat (sorry) on QuickTrip - whatever the heck that is. I'm not the most well-traveled guy, so maybe I'm missing out. I've never even heard of QuickTrip.

According to users of GasBuddy (which is actually a fantastic app I recommend downloading), QuickTrip is the top potty stop across the U.S. User voted it #1 in nine states, including Texas.

Here's what I think happened. As wonderful as Buc-ee's are, they're spread out across the state, and unless you live near one, visiting is a big event that only happens on road trips.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That's right. There are tons of these things all clustered around Fort Worth, so you have more people using those bathrooms on a daily basis, and since they're in a major metro area, they're probably checking GasBuddy for decent gas prices more often, meaning they'd be more likely to vote on this topic.

It's just a theory.

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