Cup check: who remembers Johnny Football? I know A&M fans will remember, as will fans of the Cleveland Browns. Are there any Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans in the house? What about Montreal Alouettes or Memphis Express fans? Anybody? Anybody?

With the NFL playoffs on the horizon, and yet another year of NFL coming to a close, it looks like a new football league is in the works, and according to a report by TMZ Sports, the "Fan Controlled Football" league (or "FCF" for short) is scheduled to kickoff in February 2021.

TMZ Sports is also reporting that Johnny Bust, or I mean, Football, okay, Manziel, is in serious talks to sign on for the league.

This league actually looks pretty fun for us fans of the pigskin. It's literally "fan controlled." Kind of like real time fantasy football, but without the starts of the NFL.

Fans control everything from who's in the front office, to team names, to play calling. Some of that has already been done, so if you're just now finding out about this league like I am, then it's already too late to design jerseys and pick team names. However, you can still get in on drafting players and picking plays.

So, what about Johnny Football? I thought I had read that he was officially retired. Seems as if he retired before this league was a thing, so if the report is accurate, he may have one last shot at glory.

Keep in mind that Manziel is 28 and hasn't played competitively since 2019, when he signed on with the Memphis Express of the  Alliance of American Football. The league folded just a couple of weeks after signing Manziel, so I doubt he got much of a chance to really compete.

The FCF league may actually be fun to watch, and it could be a springboard for some of its players to get a look from an NFL team. Could Manziel be one of those players? Anything's possible.

The Fan Controlled Football League is scheduled to kickoff in February, and you'll be able to watch the games on Twitch.

Check out for more info.

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