Every state has its own set of stereotypes, so why not hash out which one of these Texas ones are true!

I've heard of one about all the men wear cowboy boots (which is mostly true, in my observations), and I've heard that only "hippies" live in Austin, but those stereotypes seem mild compared to some of the other ones I've heard over the years.

Which one of these should be crossed off the Texas Stereotypes list?

  1. They chew straw when they talk
  2. All the Texas Millionaires talk and dress exactly like either 'Boss Hog' from Dukes of Hazard or 'Thurston B. Howell the Third' from Gilligan's Island
  3. The 'Old Money' grandmothers sit on their front stoops, sip on Mint Juleps, and refer to their housekeepers as "Servants"
  4. Every backyard has a BBQ grill and it's usually a Traeger grill
  5. Texans actually don't say the word 'yall' a lot
  6. They get real 'judgy' in Texas if you miss a Sunday at church
  7. Lady Texans will call you 'Sugar' and 'Honeybunch' when they take your order
  8. Nobody knows how to drive in Texas
  9. Police tip their hat and say, "Thank you, Ma'am" after they give you a traffic ticket
  10. The traffic lights in Texas last too dang long

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