I love Kit Kat. It's my favorite candy bar of all time. It was perfect. So, of course they screw it up.

Via Big Q/TSM
Via Big Q/TSM

Kit Kat. A milk chocolate candy bar with a wafer filling.

Simple. Pure. Excellence. Not anymore.

Now there are "flavors" of Kit Kats. In America, it's fairly normal. You've got your standard Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. All three have their merits, but there's really no need for anything but the orginal.

Yes, that's just my opinion, which is also correct, unless your Japanese.

These crazy bastards have gone over the deep end when it comes to Kit Kat flavors. Dear Lord, it scares me just talking about it. Here's a list. Fair warning, you might get the urge to projectile vomit.

1    Regular
2    Regular (Cafe style)
3    Dark Chocolate
4    Matcha
5    Rich Matcha
6    Chikara Matcha
7    Raspberry
8    Strawberry
9    Caramel Pudding (halloween promo)
10   Sake
11   Sakura Kinako (cherry blossom & roasted soy bean)
12   Sakura Nihonshu (cherry blossom & Japanese sake)
13   Banana (easter promo)
14   Iyokan orange
15   Tokyo Banana
16   Shingen Mochi
17   Soy Sauce
18   Miso
19   White Chocolate
20   Strawberry Tiramisu
21   Plum Wine (umeshu)
22   Peach
23   Uji Matcha
24   Chestnut
25   Melon & Cheese
26   Kyoho Grape
27   Momiji Manju (type 1)
28   Wa Ichigo (Strawberry)
29   Strawberry Cheese Cake
30   Itoukyuemon Uji Matcha
31   Amao Strawberry
32   Shinshu Apple
33   Wasabi
34   Red Bean Sandwich
35   Strawberry Cheesecake
36   Rum Raisin
37   Momiji Manju (type 2)

I bolded the ones that make my bowels start to rumble. Soy sauce? Really? How high do you have to be to think that Soy Sauce is a good chocolate flavor? That's right, Too High.

You can order a variety pack of Japanese Kit Kat, you know, if you just happen to get too high this weekend.

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