How was your weekend? Mine was good. Outside of my normal chores and a remote on Saturday, I spent my weekend watching some TV. I've gotten to a point where watching TV is a way to wind down for me. You know, like how some people garden or read or knit a blanket to relax, well, I like to watch TV.

With so many streaming services available, I have found that there is no shortage of cool shows to watch. So here's a rundown of what I caught up on this weekend.

Friday night we finished season 2 of "Lost in Space" on Netflix. I liked season 2 better than season one and I'll be waiting patiently for season 3.

Late Friday night we started "October Faction" on Netflix. This is kinda like a X Files meets True Blood type of series.

I like this one a lot and spent most of my Saturday evening and Sunday watching the entire season. Usually it takes me about a week to watch a complete 10 episode season but with October Faction, I could't wait to start the next episode. I recommend this one anyone who likes The Walking Dead.

Just when I thought I was brain dead from watching TV, I decided to check out "Undone" on Amazon. I'm not usually into animation but I saw that Bob Odenkirk was on it so I checked it out. The episodes are only about 20-25 minutes long so I should be able to get through this one pretty fast. I'll let you know what I think!

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