Bedrest makes for interesting thoughts.

I was lying in bed plucking nose hair this morning when I thought about my first “R” rated movie I saw in the theater.

My dad and I were at the mall. He hates shopping like I do, so he said we’d go to a movie while the rest of the family went shopping.

I’m no sure he new he was taking his pre-teen son to an “R” rated movie, but I’m sure thankful he did. You see, it turns out they show boobs in “R” movies.

The movie was called “Hollywood Knights”. It was about one night in the life of a street gang in Southern California in the ’60s. They were having an initiation event for newbies, plus they were having a hail and farewell for one of their members who was being shipped out to Vietnam.

Fran Dresher in it, without the irritating voice. Wolfman Jack makes an appearance. It’s Michelle Phifer’s first movie credit. Plenty of bad language, drinking, smoking, a fart sing-a-long, and did I mention boobs?

I looked over at my dad a few times and he was laughing pretty hard. Pretty sure I didn’t get some the humor but did I mention there were boobs?

I was asked not to tell my mother about the movie, so I knew then that dad just wanted to see it himself without having to put up with the “tsk tsk” of my mom. It also sort of worked as “the talk” since there were boobs.

What was your first “R” rated movie?

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