Word of advice men, don't get her flowers on Valentine's Day, surprise her with them on a random day, trust me, it will mean so much more. Here are 5 things that she won't expect but really wants besides the ability to eat without getting fat. Seriously, if the only time you get her flowers is Valentine's Day, step your game up boo!

  1. Massage without "the extra". Seriously though, for once can it just be about us? Better yet, go get her a gift certificate and let her take a long lunch throughout her work week.
  2. Clean the house. Or hire someone to clean the house. It includes the laundry, the kitchen, vacuum, everything you see her do on the regular, take it off her plate. It's okay honey you can take the credit. Who knows you may even get "the extra" wink wink!
  3. Bring her her favorite food. You already know what it is. Don't ask, she'll respond with the classic "I don't know what do you want?". READ HER MIND! You know what she orders when you hit up your favorite spot. You know what she randomly craves.
  4. Tell her she is beautiful. Even though she has morning breath and she is wearing her Sunday panties, you know the holy ones, and by holy, not the ones she wears to church the ones she wears on laundry day.
  5. OK, this is where you come in ladies. What did we leave out? Leave it in the comments below and feel free to tag Mr.Perfect.

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