Bad news good news situation brewing in Rogers.

Via Alex Cano/KWTX
Via Alex Cano/KWTX

With all the rain the past few days, some of us have puddles in our yard and/or driveway. That sucks yes, but things could be worse. Enter Rogers, Texas.

With over 2 inches of rain since Wednesday, KWTX is reporting that water has breached the local dam. That's the bad news.

The good news. Well, it seems that there's no apparent danger to people or property at this time. The breach is being monitored.

White said a deputy, as well as Milam County Precinct 1 Commissioner Richard Watkins, were headed to the lake.

According to White’s Facebook post, the area that could be immediately affected would be County Roads 102 and possibly 103 – which are downstream of the lake.

I think we've all felt the panic when water breaches our own dam's (I.E. toilets). See that water rise will induce a panic feeling. Can't say I've felt a dam breach for real. That might make me want to search out a toilet.

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