Concerns over E. coli sparked a Texas Beef recall. is reporting that H&B Packing Company of Waco has recalled more than 73,000 pounds of beef with concern about E. coli. which was discovered when food inspectors found a sample of their beef popped positive.

If you bought beef in 60-pound boxes, check the case code. You're looking for 69029. Also, an establishment number of "EST.M13054 which is inside the USDA mark of inspection. If you don't see that number feel free to cook away.

I used to make hot dogs and sausage for a living. The plant I worked in had it's own FDA food inspector on site at all times during production. He could stop the process anytime he wanted to grab a sample to test. For us workers it was a bit of a pain, but as a consumer, I had no problem with it. Here's the plant that I worked in.

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