When Texas voters head to the polls in November, there will be an item on the ballot that might be confusing. Many are worried that voters will misunderstand the proposition, so the folks at KRIS-TV put together this report hoping to make things more clear.


Texas Proposition 4, also known as HJR 38, will ensure that Texas lawmakers CANNOT enact a personal/state income tax through a statewide referendum in the future.

A vote of “YES” means you agree with the proposition and do NOT want a future state income tax. A vote of “NO” means you DO want lawmakers to have the ability to tax your income in Texas.

Texas is not the only state without a state income tax.  Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming also do not tax their resident’s income.

My home state of Louisiana does have a state income tax and it sucks. Although it does not remove as much money per check as federal income tax withholdings, it still adds up at the end of the year. To make matters worse,  I never saw that money being used  in a positive manner. Don’t believe me? Drive on a Louisiana road.

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