This holiday season, more than 8,000 wreaths will be placed at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. Help will be needed and very much appreciated.


The City of Killeen is asking for volunteers this holiday season to help with a great cause.

The Friends of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery plan to place more than 8,000 holiday wreaths this year. It'll take 3 planned days of work.

First up will be wreath preparation. That'll be held at 10 AM, November 17th at Killeen Special Events Center. Volunteers will be needed to fluff silk wreaths and attach new bows before loading them on trucks for delivery to the cemetery.

Saturday, November 24 will be the day they'll need help with the wreath laying. They'll begin at 10 AM at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, 11463 State Highway 195. They'll have a short program, followed by family members laying wreaths at the graves of their loved ones. Then the volunteers will take over, laying wreaths at remaining graves so that no one is forgotten or dishonored.

Help will then be needed for wreath retrieval. That's scheduled to take place Saturday, January 12th starting at 10 AM. Volunteers will pick up the wreaths to be loaded on trucks for storage.

For more information on supporting the Wreath Project, visit

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