If you think you know how much "hate" is in the hearts of Americans these days, you might be low balling it. 

The day America just might have figured out that the country needs an enema was this past Saturday. That was the day that a disturbing surveillance video was created at a convenience store in Auburn, Washington. I feel it captured the real problem with America. That problem is that the people just don't care anymore.

No please, steal more so you get cancer quicker

The video shows two kids taking and eating two beef jerky sticks. When it comes time to pay, they only try to pay for one. The clerk argues with them. He comes out from behind the counter and points out that there're two sticks being consumed, then he turns to go back behind the counter and collapses.

Back in the day, the first reaction people would've had would be to help the man. Nope. The first thing the kids do is take back the dollar. Then people in the store just turn and leave. One kid thinks about it for a minute, and you think...

"Yes. Come on. Help the man out. At least call 911. Nope. Sorry, didn't realize you need to steal some cigarettes. Good for you. No please, steal more so you get cancer quicker."

The kids then come back, and again, you think...

"Yes, your conscience has gotten the better of you. Help the man out. Or, option two, step over him for more cigarettes. Option two it is. Oh, yes, and be sure to try to open the cash register. In for a penny as they say."

They then come back in again, and this time they don't even bother to look at the clerk on the floor. They just hop the counter and try once again to figure out how to open the register. Success! With smiles on their faces, they take the money and leave the store. "Bye, Felicia!"

The Auburn Washington Police say that around 3 minutes later someone does come in and attempts to give the clerk CPR. The man is alive, but on life support. I'm sure the 5 or so minutes without blood flow to the brain has left some damage.

In the coming months, a couple of young men will be looking for sympathy from a jury pool. Lets hope they find the same amount they gave the clerk.

We also might want to ask the question...

"What has happened in these kids' lives that makes them so quick to think about cigarettes and cash before helping out a fellow human being in distress?"

We might want to find an answer to that question and remedy that.

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