Director Peter Jackson, who’s partway through work on his movie The Beatles: Get Back, presented a montage of moments collected from previously unseen footage from the band’s 1969 studio sessions.

While the "sneak peek" video isn’t a trailer for his documentary, he said the nearly six minutes of film offer an idea of the “vibe” fans can expect when it premieres next year. He also confirmed he had 56 hours of archive film at his disposal.

The clip shows Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr playing around as they work. McCartney and Lennon are seen claiming they can’t be argued with because they’re “stars” and attempting to sing without moving their mouths, while both break into fake fistfights. “It gives you a sense of the spirit of the film that we’re making,” Jackson explained.

You can watch the video below.

The unseen material appears to support McCartney’s recent comments about the project. Earlier this month, he said it was “reaffirming” to see it, because it proved the Beatles were still enjoying each others’ company as they neared their split.

“I bought into the dark side of the Beatles breaking up and thought, ‘Oh, God, I’m to blame,’” he explained. “I knew I wasn’t, but it’s easy when the climate is that way to start thinking, so … at the back of my mind there was always this idea that it wasn’t like that, but I needed to see proof. There’s a great photo Linda took, which is my favorite, of me and John working on a song, glowing with joy. This footage is the same. All four of us having a ball.”


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