Sometimes we need a little help in the gift department. Here are a few ideas to help jump-start your imagination.

O.K. guys. You and I both know that a vacuum is a great gift, but some could consider it insulting. Well, in this sensitive time in America, where a powerful man can no longer drop their pants at work to woo a woman. Or, install a secret button underneath their desk to lock a person in. Then may we suggest giving gifts that make it look like you care.

Ladies. Not to leave you out. Pretending like you care is the secret to a solid marriage, so here's a few ideas for you as well.

  • Jewlery Cleaner

    Steam Cleaner from Sharper Image

  • Jet Spa

    Duel Action

    Hey guys, nothing says "I love you" more than something electronic inside a bathtub. Here's how you can make the bath bubble without you farting. Good jet action, and no bad smells. Win Win.

  • Foot Warmer

    Warms and Massages

  • Digital BBQ Fork

    Improve His Grilling Skills

    It looks cool, and it'll make sure you're family is not going to rushed to the hospital because you're eating fish that tops out at 65 degrees.

  • Covert Cooler

    Get your Beer on at the Golf Course

    Hey. If they can hide a bomb in a shoe, then there's no reason your man can't sneak some beers on the course in a shoe bag. With the money he can save by not buying the beers at the 19th hole, you might get a nice gift in return.

  • Man Crates

    Gift Baskets for Men

    You ladies do you love your gift baskets. Well, now you can give a gift basket on testosterone. It's a Man Crate.

    From Jerky to Whiskey to Tool Sets. You'll be sure to find something to your mans tastes.

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