The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen is asking for the community to come out to help say goodbye to a veteran.


George P. Bush, Chairman of the Texas Veterans Land Board, announced that an Unaccompanied Veteran burial will take place at the Central Texas Veterans Cemetery in Killeen on Wednesday, February 27th at 11 a.m.

The Veteran being buried is Specialist Hugh Gary Bryan. No next-of-kin could be contacted so if anyone can show up, or at least spread the word to others, so Specialist Bryan won't be buried alone.

The staff at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery has coordinated with the Fort Hood Casualty Office to ensure that Specialist Bryan will receive full military honors. If, in the end, no family members show up, then the flag will be presented to the On-Site Representative of the Veterans Land Board on Bryan's behalf.

The Texas Veterans Land Board works with the local community and fellow Veterans service organizations to ensure that NO Veteran is EVER left behind. Please come if you can to honor his life and service with a full military burial.

Last month, people showed up in droves to pay their respects to unaccompanied Air Force veteran Joseph Walker. It showed that people across the State of Texas, and especially here in Central Texas and the Fort Hood community, will not sit by and let someone who served be laid to rest with no witnesses there to honor them.

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