Troy has certainly grown in the decade or so since I moved away, but it's nice to see the small town sense of community hasn't disappeared.

KWTX reports that Troy Elementary School students and parents got together Friday morning to honor crossing guard Rick Aalsma. Rick's been a crossing guard there for three years, and sometimes fills in as a substitute teacher. People say he's always got a smile and a wave to share, no matter the weather, and he brings a little light and positivity to everyone's morning.


Today, parents and students decided to brighten up Rick's morning with handmade signs, balloons, and a $250 gift certificate paid for by donations from people who've been touched by Rick's cheerful, selfless service.

“He’s a bright spot in everyone’s crazy, hectic mornings,” kindergarten. mom Jessica Stermer told KWTX. “Mr. Aalsma smiles and waves to every passing car during his crossing guard duties. We usually come to a near-stop with the window down and trade good mornings."

It's fantastic to see that small town spirit of giving and gratitude is still alive and well in Troy, and we want to join the people of Troy in saluting you, Rick! Thanks for all you do.

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