Do you smell that? It's in the wind. Over the scent of freshly mowed grass and the smell of whatever it is your neighbor one yard over is mercilessly destroying on his grill, you can just begin to make out the warm, buttery scent OF THE SUMMER MOVIE SEASON! And here, folks, comes one of the newest trailers, for Pixels! (Warning: Sandler.)

Heyyyy, remember that show Futurama? They did an episode where, somehow, the Earth got attacked by old school video games. Tetris, especially was a highlight. I think somebody took that episode to heart, i.e. ripped it off entirely, and tossed together an entire screenplay based on the idea. Research, however, shows that it was written by a compatriot of Adam Sandler, one Tim Herlihy, and some other guy, based on this short, which you can watch now, Bucky:

Okay, let's take that, stretch it out to 90 minutes, get the guy who wrote Gremlins but also directed Mrs. Doubtfire and Rent, stock it with various "that guys", Sandler and the great Peter Dinklage, have Pac Man digitally eating people AND LET ER RIP.  And also, can we get the star of Zookeeper and Paul Blart, Mall Cop to be in the film, maybe starring as the president, cos that would be so so funny, I hope he falls down a lot and runs into things. You bet!

All kidding and jaded cynicism set aside, it looks like stupid summer fun. Drown your popcorn in butter and junior mints, drink your Mr. Pibb through a red Vine, leave your brain in the car, and get ready for Pixels. It's from Columbia Pictures and opens in July.

And Sandler's in it.

So there's that.

P.S: Myself and the fella known to the ladies only as "Tan" are all about the movies. He even watched Cinderella. Wanna see his review? Click HERE!

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