Toto fans have their second sneak peek at the previously unreleased material on the band's upcoming 40 Trips Around the Sun compilation courtesy of "Spanish Sea," a new song with some older ingredients.

You can listen to it above.

As guitarist Steve Lukather explained in the press release announcing the 40 Trips LP, "Spanish Sea" was completed last year using material the group originally recorded for 1984's Isolation. Aside from making distinct use of the ways in which studio technology has evolved in the years since, it gave the surviving members of Toto an opportunity to make something new with their late former bandmates, drummer Jeff Porcaro and bassist Mike Porcaro.

"On one hand, it was magical, because it’s real. It’s those guys," Lukather told Ultimate Classic Rock late last year. "The way Mike and Jeff played together, it was one brain, four arms. You could hear the personality and you could hear them talking before the takes and stuff like that. That didn’t make the record, but it was wild. It was a roller coaster ride emotionally. But at the same time, it was really cool, and I’m really glad that people are going to get to hear something."

Fans who pre-order the 40 Trips album will receive an immediate download of "Spanish Sea" — as well as "Alone," another new track that was previously posted. Along with a blend of hits and fan favorites, the album includes another previously unreleased cut, "Struck by Lighting." Look over the complete track listing below, and visit Toto's official site to obtain ticketing information for their upcoming tour.

Toto, '40 Trips Around the Sun' Track Listing
"Spanish Sea"
"I'll Supply the Love"
"I'll Be Over You"
"Stranger in Town"
"Struck by Lightning"
"Afraid of Love"
"I Won't Hold You Back"
"Jake to the Bone"
"Stop Loving You"
"Hold the Line"
"Georgy Porgy"

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