The best sandwich ever invented is the Monte Cristo. 

Growing up I used to love to go to a restaurant called Perkins. It was a pancake and desert type place, but they served a sandwich called a Monte Cristo.

It was a sandwich made of french toast with ham, cheese, turkey, and more cheese, with strawberry jam for a dipping sauce. Toss in some spicy fries, and you got an amazing food experience. To top it all off, they gave you a free meal on your birthday, so once a year I'd be treated to the greatest sandwich in the world, for free.

Sadly, for whatever reason, I'm guessing because of ground beef lobby, Perkins dropped the sandwich. I didn't get to enjoy it again until I moved down to Texas. Killeen had a Bennigan's at that time, and they too served a Monte Cristo. I went to Killeen a lot back in the day.

Sadly, I know of no other restaurant serving the Monte Cristo. Which is sad, because today is Monte Cristo Day. Yes, the best sandwich gets its own day.

I will be going to the store tonight to pick up the ingredients to make my own Monte Cristo, you should too.

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