A couple of bounty hunters from Corpus Christi confronted a fugitive at car dealership near Dallas Wednesday, and they all wound up dead.

It went down at a Nissan dealership in Greeville, Texas, which is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas. Two bounty hunters from Corpus Christi who were hired by a Minnesota company tried to take a fugitive into custody inside a small dealer kiosk. It didn't go well.

Fidel Garcia and Gabriel Bernal confronted Ramon Michael Hutchinson. Guns were drawn, fought after, then fired. Witness say about 20 rounds were released, ending in the deaths of both the bounty hunters and the fugitive.

Coming from a state known for frigid temperatures, you sort of get used to the reputation. Because when you say "North Dakota" to people, that's usually the first thought that pops into their head. It's really a nice place to live and raise a family. It also gets up to 100 degrees every once in a while, like places in the deep south. But, unlike the deep south, the temp will drop to around 60 below zero. Not all the time, but the potential is there for it.

For Texans, they have a rep around the country for guns. The state offers so much more, but people still focus on the guns. It's not like we have shootouts every day in the streets, but then, once in awhile, this will happen to re-enforce the reputation.


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