They did it last year and they're doing it again this year. I'll guess they'll do it every year until someone gets eaten.

It's "Jaws on the Water": an insane idea to add to the anxiety of the movie "Jaws".

It's just what it sounds like. The folks at the Volente Beach resort and Beachside Billy's on Lake Travis set up a huge screen, and you float in the water while the movie "Jaws" plays. This is happening now through August 17th.

I saw "Jaws" with my Mom at Oak Park Theater in Minot N.D. I really don't think you can get any further away from an ocean. You're anywhere between a 3 and 5-day drive. Not that it mattered. After that flick I needed to get further away from the ocean.

"I'm not going to need a bigger boat, asshat. I'm not going to need any boat because my butt isn't going anywhere near the water."

The whole idea of sitting on a floatation device while watching this movie seems like a cry for mental help. Sure, it's just a lake and not the ocean, but still.

Off course that's not a shark tugging at you. It's probably just a turtle or a 90-pound catfish.

I think they're doing the same thing in Florida. But then again, that's Florida. Do we really want to copy Florida? Do you really want to be sitting on the water with nothing but your "Hanging Chad"? The correct answer is "NO!"

I guess millennials aren't afraid of anything. They're just offended by everything.

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