Early Sunday mornings demand to be a civilized time. We're not supposed to be running around in a panic. It's a time to savor creation.  Unless you're the clergy, you get a pass. The rest of us should enjoy the quiet moment.

Speaking of savory, I'm hungry. Starving. Ravenous. Famished.  Could we be any more over the top with our inappropriate descriptions of hunger?

Five of my favorite Sunday morning consumables:

1. Kolaches. Those of you from Central Texas understand.  You don't have to be of Czech heritage to enjoy a kolache, but it doesn't hurt as the old joke goes.

Shipley Donuts on North 31st St in Temple - Photo by Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Photo by Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

2. Shipley Do-nuts. I always end up buying more because I want to feel that big dozen box.  The best thing about Shipleys besides the fact that they're wonderful tasty is that there's one near you right now and you know it.

3. English Muffin with Walker Honey.  If you want the additional advantages of honey beyond its gooey goodness, you'll buy from Bell County's own apiary.  They have different flavors of honey depending on what they have given the different hives to feast upon. This week at HEB, I picked up a jar of the raw, white honey, and it's delicious!

Did you know you could camp at Walker's? It's true!

4. Community Coffee. Okay, this one's from my old home town, but I've yet to see any coffee in this area step up and assert itself as the dominant brew.  I've had people tell me the most popular coffee in this area is the 8 o'clock stuff. Come on. CC wants it and is expanding: they are now the official coffee of the Cardinals way up north in St. Louis! They have a regional hub in Dallas that serves central Texas very well, including all Walmart gas stations and Dairy Queen locations.  That may not sound as highfalutin' as a Starbucks shop - whose main flavor of coffee these days is burnt but I digress - but it's hard to mess up a pot of Community in even the most mundane of places.

5. Texas Rain Water.  Even Texas' rain drops are bigger than they are anywhere else!  As my first bottle of this was one of the smoothest bottled waters I've ever tasted, I felt like I was drinking some kind of magic potion. If you're feeling a little off or dare I say, hung over on Sunday morning, increase your hydration with this. And the chicks dig it!

And I'm happy because I had all of these when I woke up this morning in Texas. Life is good!

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