It's hard to believe that during the holiday season there are kids out there going without.

The Salvation Army is one of the organizations trying to help those kids with their Salvation Army Angel Tree Program.

The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program here in Bell County will help 1,200 children have a Christmas, and they are humbling asking for our help to accomplish this.

The Salvation Army still has “forgotten angels” yet to be adopted. This is where your help is needed. By adopting an Angel, you agree to buy gifts for that child. December 19th is the final day to adopt an Angel, with December 21st being the day the gifts are due.

Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army, Lt. David Beckham, says, “We are so grateful for everyone who has generously taken the time to adopt an angel and purchase gifts for The Salvation Army Angel Tree, your kindness will help Rescue Christmas for many families in our community. Unfortunately, each year there are angels who are either not adopted, gifts that are not returned and gifts brought to us after the deadline. These are our ‘forgotten angels.’”

The Salvation Army does everything possible to take care of each child on the tree.

According to Beckham, “Each angel tag on the tree represents a child or a senior in need. We do include nameless angels on our trees that just specify a gender and age. These gifts are used to fill the wishes of the forgotten angels. Our volunteers particularly enjoy working in The Salvation Army’s toy shop to select from these unassigned gifts to fulfill the wishes of the unadopted angels.”

If you're looking for a way to help the children in need, think about The Salvation Army Angel Tree.

For more information about adopting an Angel, or current volunteer opportunities please call The Salvation Army at (254) 774-9996 or visit us at 419 W Avenue G. Check out other ways you can give or get involved at

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