I've been back from the parents place now for a week. In that time I've noticed a few things.

Via Big Q/TSM
Via Big Q/TSM

Before I left to go back home, I had a routine for washing clothes. It surrounded around undergarments. When I ran out of underwear or socks, then it was time to do a load. I'd start the washer, make a meal, and by the time I finished eating, the wash was done and I'd toss them in the dryer. The next morning I'd just start taking clothes out of the dryer as I needed them.

While I was home, my Mom did my laundry every day. Yea! I'd leave my dirty clothes on the bedroom floor. Grab clean clothes and go to the shower. By the time I got back to the bedroom my clothes were picked up off the floor and put in the wash. I'd have clean, folded clothes waiting for me by the time I went to bed that night.

Well, I didn't get to work today until after 3 p.m. because all the clothes I'd worn for the past week were still lying in pile on the bedroom floor. I was forced to do my own laundry. That's when I noticed something. I should've been able to go longer that week. Turns out, in a mom's world, comfort don't mean crap.

All my undergarments that had holes in them seemed to miss the trip home.

"Q! you can't wear underwear and socks with holes in them. What if you got into an accident and had to be taken to the hospital?"

"I would hope that the doctors and nurses would pay more attention to my injuries than to my undergarments. Plus, odds are I'd shit myself so what's a few holes next to a butt crack full of fecal matter?"

Nope. Common sense has no place in a mother's eyes when it comes to their children.

So yes, it was great spending a week with my parents, but now my butt has to break-in some new underwear, and my toenails have to puncture some new socks.

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