I love blowing bubbles. (And Bubbles seems to enjoy it as well. BOOM!)

Isn't this always the case. You get just to the mailing deadline for Christmas, and then BOOM!, you see the perfect gift.

I have tubes of bubbles to release when important people show up at work, or when it's a windy day.

It's been pretty busy at work lately so I was unable to take advantage of the wind advisory earlier this week. I take the stress off by taking my bubbles outside and see if I can't get one to travel across the busy street. If the bubbles hit passing cars, well, that's just a bonus.

I got tagged in a Facebook post last night and now I want this. The Bubble Fart Blower.

I couldn't find it at Amazon, but it looks like it runs around $40.

O.K. I don't like it that much. After all, I can fart for free, plus I've already got bubbles. I guess I'll just become my own Bubble Fart Blower.

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