Since the Holidays are over, we now know the most popular cookie in each state.

Good Housekeeping had some extra time on their hands and created a list of the most popular cookies by state.

I'm a big fan of cookies. You don't think I got the name of "Big Q" by being a vegan do you? Hell no! I'm high on sugar baby.

I personally like a good sugar cookie. I should probably make my way to Arkansas then since "Kris and Sam's" had the most popular cookie there with their Iced Sugar Cookie.

In California, since they're going through a drought, they named the Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar cookie as the best in the state. But after this month they might want to rethink that to some type of "flooded mud slide" cookie.

Some states went for what their known for. Example...Florida. Their number one cookie was the Pineapple Cookie with Orange. I guess that beat out the "Man eating Gator with nuts".

In Alaska, they went with the Snow Balls. (Phrasing). And since Georgia likes peaches is it really any surprise that their best cookie was the Sweet Ricotta Peach Cookie? Probably not.

Sometimes you can't make a cookie about what your state is known for. Idaho.

"Want my potato cookie?"

"Want me to poke out all your eyes?"

So Idaho went a little over-the-top. They served up the Party in My Mouth Cookie. Now before you all take this cookie treat to the gutter, let me tell you that it's made of nutella, caramel, cream cheese frosting, melted Ghiradelli chocolate, and something called Unicorn Tears and Fairy Dust. OK feel free to take it to gutter, so you can puke it back up.

Then there's Iowa who embraced their vegetable. Their best cookie is the Corn Cookie. Yea. No thanks, Iowa.

Nevada and Kentucky went with bourbon as the main ingredient so they rock. New York is still in love with Seinfeld because they chose the Black and White cookie as the best. My old home of North Dakota went with Oatmeal Raisin, so you'll have to eat those on the toilet.

But Texas reigns. When the Yankee liberals think of the Texas they think death penalty because they have nothing but hate for us...allegedly.  So, Texas serves up the XXL Death by Chocolate Cookie from Sally's Baking Addiction. Feel free to suck on that New England.

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