Another day, another research study and this one should be of interest to the folks at Fort Hood. The Department of Defense study reveals the Navy as being the most obese branch of the military. Overall, the percentage of service members considered to be obese increased to over 17 percent.

There is good news and bad news for the Navy. While they are the heaviest with 22 percent of personnel qualifying as obese, they also have the lowest incidence of  injuries. I guess sitting down with a doughnut is a pretty safe activity. Lol I’m just joking!!!

This is where the other branches “weigh in”…😉

Air Force: 18 percent obese

Army: 17 percent obese

Marine Corps: 8.3 percent obese

I guess it is both good news and bad news for the Marines. While they are the least overweight, they also have the highest rate of knee and back injuries.

Looks like you can’t win no matter what you do!

When it comes to overweight troops, the Army leads the pack with 69.4 % of soldiers overweight followed by:

Coast Guard (67.8 percent)

Navy (64.6 percent)

Air Force (63.1 percent)

Marine Corps (60.9 percent)

I don’t believe this for a minute. These Army guys look to be in excellent shape! Anybody who can recreate the best scene from “Stripes” is bound to be in tip top shape.

For comparison…




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