So my original idea got rejected, but a boring idea from a Texan pays off big.

And the winner is...

Via Frito-Lay North America, Inc
Via Frito-Lay North America, Inc

I entered this Lays contest and suggested "Roadkill" flavor. The idea being, and which I explained to them, that no one really knows what roadkill taste like since those that eat roadkill will be dead of malnutrition soon, so they could use any flavor they had in the back room that they wanted to try.

Yea, I got an email back from them saying that I missed the idea of the contest. Whatever. So they finally got around to announcing the three finalist for the million dollar idea and they are "Crispy Taco" "Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese" and "Fried Green Tomato".  Are you kidding me!?

Where to begin. Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese. Don't bagel's normally come with cream cheese? Then wouldn't the word "Everything" imply that cream cheese is already in it?

Crispy Taco. By the time the dweebs in the chem lab fake the flavor of a taco shell, meat, lettuce, tomato's, and cheese, you're going to have an over-processed chip that'll taste like...well...lets say roadkill.

I'm betting on Fried Green Tomato. Potato Chips are already fried, so that should be easy to make, then mix in some ketchup flavor. Bang. Winner.

Yea, these were my thoughts this past summer when they announced the finalist. Well the voting has finished and guess what? Simple loses. They chose the complicated "Crispy Taco".

That means Ellen Sarem from San Antonio is a million dollars richer. At least until she pays her taxes anyway. Congrats Ellen.


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