The more technology takes hold of our everyday life, the more I feel like I'm living in a movie.

Remember in the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report" when they had that eyeball recognition scanner and all the advertisements that were personalized to each person depending on their individual likes and preferences? We see stuff like that today with adds of stuff you may have googled, on our Facebook page. Even some of the stuff from "Back to the Future" is starting to show up like hoover boards and self-tying shoes.

Amazon is certainly pushing technology forward with it's "Amazon Go" cashierless technology.

Here's how it works. You scan yourself and your family into the store. Any items you leave with get charged to your tab. Yep - no cashiers to check you out. Pretty easy, right?

There are about 26 of these stores nationwide with the newest one being in Seattle. Of course, this will only grow to other cities, and eventually Amazon is hoping to license its cashierless technology to other retailers.

Maybe we all really are living in the Matrix.

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