The Super Bowl. Supposed to be the best game of the year as the two best teams meet on the gridiron. But for many years, it was one of the worst games of the year. Which is why the "Commercials" are such a big event.

This year it's being reported that CBS is charging around 5 million dollars for a 30 sec ad. For that amount of an investment every commercial should be golden, because that's just the price to air one spot. To have an impact you have run more than one. Plus, there's the price to produce it.

Sure, you'll get a lot of "free" press about the ad with all the media scrutiny. But what if your ad is considered to be one of the worst ones. Again, lots of "free" press. Sure not not good press, but as the saying goes, "any press is good press". The worst thing is that your commercial is mediocre. Not the best, not the worst, just stuck in mediocre purgatory. Millions spent, and nobody is going to remember anything.

We remember the best, and we remember the worst. Everything in-between fall through the donut hole.

Will anything from this years Big Game make the list in the future? We'll have to watch and find out.


  • Budweiser

    Training Clydesdale

    There is nothing better than making a commercial that touches people. To be at a Super Bowl party and have people stop what they're doing and have to walk out of the room so their friends don't see them shed a tear is an amazing accomplishment. Anyone with a heart felt something when this gem hit the airwaves.

  • Bud Light

    Cheese Run

    It seems that since football is a guy sport, it's nice to see guys being guys. We do anything for our women, but, when given a window, we will still be guys. This spot from Bud Light proves that.

  • Bridgestone


    A key to being "liked" the day after the Super Bowl is animals. Bridgestone gave us a nice one. Nice, being funny and happy. Funny was the screaming. Happy was that no one got run over.

  • Doritos

    Anti Bark Collar

    Another key to being liked, is revenge. Have some idiot trying to torture a dog wearing an anti bark collar. Put it on the dumb human and bark away. Classic.

  • Budweiser

    Puppy Love

    Combining Puppy's and Clydesdales is always a winner.

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