Push ups, Sit ups, 2-mile run. The Army Physical Fitness Test, is no more.

UPI is reporting that the fitness test for the Army, which has pretty much been the same since 1980, is being overhauled in a big way.

The new name is the Army Combat Fitness Test. It's being changed to reflect the fact that we always seem to be in some type of war situation these days.

Runners will be happy to know that the 2-mile run continues to be in the test. (YES!) Older folks should be aware that your age no longer matters.

The Army believes that the new training and testing will help cut down on injuries since the tests were made to simulate duties you're expected to do in combat situations.

The test doubles in size, from 3 events to 6.

- 3 Repetition Maximum Deadlift

- Standing Power Throw

- Hand-Release Push-up

- Sprint-Drag-Carry

- Leg Tuck

- Two-Mile Run

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