The Rooftop Cinema Club started in London and only has four current locations. Looks like they're ready to open their fifth in the Lone Star State.

Nothing I love more than an outdoor movie. Mainly because I love going to drive-in movie theatres. I have not seen this before, a rooftop movie theater, sitting on top of a skyscraper in a downtown venue. That is exactly what Rooftop Cinema Club is all about.

They believe movies should be enjoyed with iconic backgrounds. What is more iconic than being on top of a building in New York, London, San Diego, or Los Angeles enjoying those picturesque views? It looks like their plans are to open one on top of a Houston building at 1700 Post Oak.

Tickets start at just $17 a person and for $20 you can get unlimited popcorn. They also offer for $24 a double seat for couples. The movie is actually heard using wireless headphones, that way the city noise or maybe a loud chewer/talker doesn't interrupt your movie. Tickets for the Houston shows go on sale August 29. If you would like to keep up with their showtimes, sign up for their newsletter.


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