A Frisco 7th grader who was diagnosed with autism at age two has blown away the math portion of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) test.

KCEN shared a report from Jason Whitley about Cade Elias, who was among the 5% of students to ace the math test.

According to the report, Cade didn't speak in full sentences until he was four, and bounced from daycare to daycare ten times as a toddler. It's been a tough road for Cade and his family, but his mom never gave up on him. Now Cade is 13, and he's accomplished something that I, as someone who's awful at math, find absolutely incredible.

Of course, Cade's high score was no fluke. The kid puts the work in, and Whitely reports that Cade is a big fan of a mobile game called Prodigy Math. He also participates in Frisco ISD's Social and Interpersonal Learning program, which is designed to ensure that students with high-functioning autism have everything they need to achieve their potential.

Cade says he plans to take pre-Advanced Placement math next year, and he hopes to write computer code for a living.

From all of us here at Townsquare, congratulations to you, Cade!


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