State lawmakers trying to save the Hoopties.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Click 2 Houston is reporting that a Texas Senator has introduced a bipartisan bill that could end state vehicle inspections. Lets hear it for the boy! Yes Sir!

We hate that time of year when we're forced to go get our vehicles inspected. If something ticks off the inspector, we then have to go to a garage and get it fixed before we get a pass. Senator Don Huffines from District 16 says enough is enough.

He has proposed SB 1588, which should help drivers save $7 dollars, but, more importantly, would save around $150 million dollars and 9 million man hours. The money would redirect the tax money to hiring and training troopers. In a written statement, Huffiness stated:

With significant technological advances in vehicle design and technology, this 66-year-old program is a relic of the past. State government is wasting Texans' time & money on the annual chore of passenger inspections when 34 other states, including populous states like California, don't require it of their drivers. Once you realize that these inspections aren't about safety, it's clear that they're simply a tax on Texans' time and money.

For those of us who are living direct deposit to direct deposit, this would be great for the simple reason of not having to shell out money to a garage. Let's get this sucker passed. Hopefully before July. Just saying.

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