An Arlington woman who made a Twitter post encouraging a vacationing friend to "kill some Jews" has been fired from the preschool where she teaches.

Nancy Salem issued the tweet in May of 2013, and it was recently brought to light as reported in the Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner. The same paper had previously reported Salem had ties to a group of twenty-four anti-Israeli activists on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington, according to an investigation by an anti-discrimination organization who posted this video.

The preschool's Facebook page has stated repeatedly that Miss Salem is no longer employed with the school. I'm purposely not going to share the link to the preschool because, honestly, I think what needed to be said has been said on their Facebook page and they don't need anybody else trolling them.  Besides, preschoolers don't need to get caught up in this mess. The less their lives are exposed to hatred, the better.

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