For some of you, this could be big. For the rest of us, not so much.

Fox 26 is reporting that the Police in La Grange, Texas are warning the area that some fake $100 bills are floating around in the market place.

Turns out it T.V./movie money. Bill that look real, but are not legal tender.

Now, personally, I can count a shop teachers hand the number of times I've held a Benjamin. When I did have one, I really acted like I never seen one before, because I hadn't. I was flipping it around. Holding it up to the light. Rubbing my face with it. Yea, I did that. If that c-note was part of a "make it rain" event at a strip club there was a real good chance I was going to wake up the next day with cold sore.

I say this because it turns out that on the back of these fake $100's is a little sign that it's fake...

"For Motion Picture Use Only"

Yea! That what the back of the bill says. So if you get a $100 bill or two this weekend, do yourself a favor, and act the fool by flipping it around and looking at the back of the bill.

Now if you do get a fake, be sure to tell the cops about it. Don't spend it, because then you become complicit. Which is a semi-big word for screwed.

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