I come from a long line of rapers and pillagers - otherwise known as Norwegians. I moved to Texas almost 15 years ago now. For most of my life, I was adamant about not liking this state. I always thought Texan's were crazy. I had zero proof of that, but I guess it was just bred into me.

You see, I'm mostly Norwegian. That is to say, my relatives were born in Norway, then decided to leave the country and move to a place just as cold and miserable as the place they left. That being North Dakota.

Well it turns out that in Norway, as reported by Wide Open Country, if you want to describe a situation as completely bonkers, or crazy, you'd say the word "texas".

I guess it only seems fair, since I've already described Norwegians as rapers and pillagers. If you wonder how I came up with that one, one word, and it's not the pro football team - Vikings.




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