For all sorts of reasons, this is NOT a smart idea!

Reason #1: We now know the name of the guy who was duct-taped to the sign. It's possible to find this guy online and taunt him for his stupidity.

I could go on, but the video speaks for itself.

A few years ago, a morning show I used to be on decided to do the exact same duct-taping job on their "monkey boy" stunt-abused supporting player.  I can't tell ya how much tape it took to hold up a 150-pound man, but it would need to be doubled if it were me. I also don't know how long he was left hanging on the sign but, unfortunately, his back was screwed up royally by the stunt. From what I was told, he dealt with pain for his art. It makes sense: the spine was being pulled on by gravity.

The same thing could have happened to the guy above. Reason #2.

Reason #3: the guy with the knife could have been tased.

Reason #4: the guy with the knife could have been shot.

Like I said, I won't go on. Just don't do this.

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