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Texas has the lowest UFO sighting rate out of any state in the United States. That's actually quite shocking, considering:

1. Texas is the size of 4-5 lesser states.

2. Our wide-open skylines for maximum UFO visibility

3. Texas is a nation, not a state*

*Okay, that just, like, my opinion man.

This findings were the result of a report put together by SatelliteInternet.com:

Our analysis used data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the US Census to find out which states have the most reported UFO sightings per capita from 2019 to June 2020. Idaho, Montana, and New Hampshire grabbed the top three spots and Maine and New Mexico rounded out the top five.

So aliens must be afraid of us, or we are much more skeptical, or apathetic, about unidentified objects in the night sky. It's also possible we saw them but decided not to nark the aliens out to The Man.

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