What is your life worth? I'll bet if you sat down and thought about it, just by your assets alone (which in no way measures the true worth of a person, but it's all I have as an example) and the good things you've done in your lifetime, you would be worth more than a measly $2,000.

Rolando Ruiz accepted an offer to kill someone for that exact amount. He thought Theresa Rodriguez's untimely demise was worth him snagging $2k. Turns out the state felt otherwise. Ultimately, he lost his life for that same measly two grand.

What possesses people to do this crap? How little of their own sense of self-worth must a person have to be not only a killer, but a cheapo, cut rate one at that? I can't ask Mr. Ruiz that question because the State gave him the needle last night. I don't know how much it cost to keep him cooped up for decades, as the murder in question occurred twenty-five years ago. Having this case go through the criminal justice system probably cost us millions - money we will never see returned. What a waste all around.

It's vulgar to think of people in terms of cash money, but that number stuck with me. Your life, my life, all lives have value. And it's much more than two thousand bucks.

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