The folks in the hallway are always excited about getting coffee, but this is talking it up a few inches. Sorry. Notches.

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KCEN cites an AP report about Bestherbs Coffee LLC's Kopi Jantan Traditional Natural Herbs Coffee being recalled.

It seems the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that the coffee contains desmethyl carbodenafil, which is close to sildenafil, AKA Viagra. And when I say close, I mean they have the same effect. For some of you, that may be hard to hear.

Bestherbs, which is based in Grand Prairie, Texas, sold the coffee worldwide from 2014 to 2016. It didn't take long for people to bone-up on the fact that it seemed to help with the nightly bedroom-bump-uglies, but the FDA said it is not clear if the product works exactly like Viagra.

No one complained, but since the big medical word ingredient, which we will from now on call Mycoxaflopin, could interact with prescription medicine and lower a person's blood pressure down to dangerous levels. With that in mind, the recall began. No word if there is anything left to be recalled. If it works like they say it does, I don't see this hanging out in the freezer in case company comes by.

The product also contains undeclared milk, which could be dangerous to those with milk allergies. And let's be honest: having a lactose attack while your "boning the tuna" could ruin the bed.

If you don't want to send it back for a refund, I guess you can go around the neighborhood looking for old computers. You can ask for donations. A couple of bucks and you'll pour a cup of coffee on their 3 1/2 floppy disc and turn it into a new hard drive.

Then there's that unverified story of the man who added a little prune juice to morning coffee. He ended up not knowing if he was coming or going.

Of course, drinking the Mycoxaflopin coffee was tricky. If you didn't swallow it all the way, you ended up with a stiff neck for few hours.

Plus, here's another example of why you should never drink coffee before you go to bed. One sip and you're up all night.

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