Members of a social justice group opposed to the alt-right have called for the removal of a beloved statue of Sam Houston, citing his ownership of slaves.

As reported by KHOU-TV, a group by the name of Texas Antifa (anti-fascism) posted a message to Facabook on May 22 announcing their intentions to rally at Houston's Hermann Park in support of removing a statue of Sam Houston. They call the statue a "disgusting idol of America's dark days of slavery", and they want to see removal efforts begin on June 10.

Counter-protests are expected, and it seems unlikely the statue will be removed.

As all Texans know, Sam Houston led Texas' forces to victory against Antonio López de Santa at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.

Houston was the first President of the Republic of Texas and served in the position twice. He was an advocate of Texas' annexation into the United States, and was bitterly opposed to Texas' secession from the Union at the onset of the Civil War. (He was, in fact, the only Southern governor to oppose secession.)

Though Houston did own slaves, he voted several times to block the spread of slavery into new U.S. territories during his 13 years in the Senate. His opposition to secession spelled the end of his political career. He retired to Huntsville, where he passed away in 1863.



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