It's going to rain on Wednesday. Yep, Halloween. Sorry kids. Wait, City of Temple to the rescue.

City of Temple HI-RES

City of Temple has released a statement saying that the Fright Fest is moving locations.

It was scheduled to take place on Main Street, but because of the weather, it's now being moved to the Temple Mall. Well done City of Temple. You really can't move Halloween to another weekend, so best to move locations.

Parents, you can still get your kids all dressed up for candy gathering like you planned. You're just driving to the Mall instead of Downtown.

As the sun sets, the candy distribution will begin. The family friendly event will get underway at 5 p.m. and go to 8:30 pm. Even though the location is different, all the planned fun will still take place, including the costume contest and the children's Halloween activities. There'll still be plenty of vendors, music, and more.

Children will also be able to trick or treat at all the booths to collect Halloween candy and goodies. There is no cost to attend. Admission is a suggested donation of 2 canned goods per family benefitting Food for Families.

For more details on the events, and the move of location, visit

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