You'd think a robbery suspect would want to be inconspicuous and keep a low profile, but police in Temple, Texas are looking for someone they say robbed a local store while wearing the flashiest, goofiest accessory you could imagine.

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Police released surveillance photos of a guy they say robbed a store in the 1100 block of South First Street shortly before 9:49 PM Tuesday, October 25.

They say the man entered the store with a gun, demanded cash, then fled the scene on foot after an employee handed over the money.

Nothing too unusual there as far as robberies go, right?

Well, look at this guy's outfit. Maybe he thought he could somehow channel the energy of John Cena and we wouldn't see him.

Temple Police Department
Temple Police Department

The suspect was described as a black man wearing a blue long-sleeve Nike shirt (which is completely normal - I’ve seen plenty of people wearing Nike shirts), but the suspect was also was wearing a WWE belt, glasses, and no shoes.

You caught the most important part there, right? I mean, how could you not. A WWE belt. Whew.


TPD/ Canva
TPD/ Canva

I just think that it is extremely odd to rob someone with such distinct details to your costume. Then again, maybe that'll mean more people were likely to have spotted him as he ran.

The Temple Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact them at 254-298-5500. You can also contact Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477,, or via the free P3Tips app. Crime Stoppers won't ask your name, and there could be a cash reward of up to $1,000 in it for you.

Let’s get this corny goof off the streets before he actually hurts someone. Keeping the good people of Temple safe is definitely the first priority. Even though the suspect is somewhat odd, we should still take this act very seriously.

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