Did you know? The rules for recycling your used pizza box vary between Temple and Killeen, Texas.

Pizza Night: my second favorite night of the week. Whether it's carry-out or delivery, Thursday night is all about that pizza pie! So what happens with that pizza box once we've picked the melted cheese off it?

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Just like you, we throw it in the recycle bin, but is that were we should be throwing it? Apparently that just depends on what city you live in.

Temple Recycle

Temple recycle has different rules than that of Killeen. If you live in Temple and need a refresher on what's accepted in the recycle bin, here you go.


- Aluminum and steel cans
- Boxes (cereal, cookies, crackers, etc. - without plastic liners)
- Junk mail
- Magazines
- Corrugated cardboard boxes
- Newspapers
- Office paper
- Telephone directories
- Detergent boxes
- Plastic beverage containers (empty)
- Soda bottles
- Water bottles
- Milk jugs
- Plastic detergent bottles (rinsed and clean)

Not Accepted: (This is a partial list)

Aluminum Foil, Pie Plates
Animal Food Bags
Cardboard Contaminated by Food/Grease
Hazardous Waste Containers* - Aerosol cans, paint cans, motor oil
Plastic Bags* (shopping or animal food bags)
Yard Waste

Sorry Temple residents(myself included) - pizza boxes are not accepted.

Killeen Recycle

According to Killeen's website, residents using Killeen's recycling service are able to recycle all types of paper, cardboard, #1 and #2 plastics, glass bottles and jars and steel, tin and aluminum cans.

There's even a section on Pizza Boxes on their site that reads:

<p>"A recent study confirmed pizza boxes are recyclable. Grease and cheese are not an issue for the recycling process. Simply remove leftover pizza and place the box in the recycling bin.</p><p>We encourage communities to update their residential recycling programs' guidelines to explicitly accept pizza boxes that are free of food."</p>

So, to answer the question at hand, is a pizza box recyclable? It is in Killeen, but not in Temple.

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